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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jamie Bell HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Flags of Our Fathers"  photo
Flags of Our Fathers
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 7, 2006
Bary Pepper and Jamie Bell – Flags of Our Fathers

Q1: Are you keeping notes?
BP: It's my journal. I always keep a journal from my films.

Q2: Did you go back and read your journal on this film?
BP: Yeah. You want me to read one?
JB: Day 59. We're in the sand, it's raining...
BP: Let's see here. This is a funny one. I never ask anyone for autographs, but I was in Rome years and years ago and I collect old movies posters. I was in this dusty sort of hole-in-the-wall shop and I found this original Italian print of Fist Full of Dollars, his first with Sergio Leone. Like I said, I never ask anyone for autographs but Clint personalized it to my on my last day on the set for Flags of Our Fathers. I went to him sort of nervously and he did, he personalized it to me. Thank you for your great work and this and that. A month later I'm reading a biography of his and he's telling this story about his son asking him, "Dad, why do these people ask you to sign papers?" And he said, "We...

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