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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Adam Beach HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Flags of Our Fathers"  photo
Flags of Our Fathers
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 7, 2006
Q1: Adam, were you at the press conference to see author James Bradley talk?
AB: No. I wish I could have.

Q2: When he talked about Ira, your character in the film, he started crying. Do you know why?
AB: What I know is the first time I talked to James Bradley about Ira, he wears him on his sleeve. You could tell that Ira was very honest and truthful to the way he felt from the stories that he's heard. He says, out of everybody he's talked to, when they talk about Ira, it's all about respect. He's amazed at how much everybody respected him. There's got to be a good man in there. There's got to be a reason why. I saw James at the hotel and he looked at me and it was just endearing. I saw a child in him for some reasons. He's like 'You did a great job'. I said, 'thanks, man'.

Q3: How do they determine the order of credits because, in my opinion, you should have been listed first.
AB: Thank you. Well, rule is Clint does what he does and there's no way of changing i...

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