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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Rupert Grint HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Driving Lessons Press Conference"  photo
Driving Lessons
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 16, 2006
Q1: Was it interesting to do another picture with Julia Walters, but playing totally different roles?
A: It's quite different, obviously they're completely different characters. It was actually really good having Julia there, because I obviously knew her before in the Harry Potter films, especially because we were only filming for like six weeks, it was good to have someone there you sort of knew. She was really fine, really easy to get on with, so she's cool.

Q2: Was it strange acting with her and playing such a different role and seeing her in such a different role?
A: Yeah it was, yeah, especially with all the swearing and that, some of it was quite shocking. The first scene we rehearsed was the camping scene when she swallows the key. She's very funny and she's really cool.

Q3: What was it about this movie that made you want to choose it as one of your detours from Harry Potter series?
A: I wasn't really looking out for anything, it just sort of came, I was doing the fourt...

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