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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Greg Kinnear HollywoodNewsWire.net  "8th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala"  photo
Fast Food Nation
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 7, 2006
Q1: When did you stop eating meat?
GK: I did and I do. I actually have not be reborn since reading Eric's startling book. I still eat red meat. Sorry, is that okay? You can't keep me away from a burger. I guess I'm guilty. Is this the 60 Minutes portion of the interview? I guess you got me. I love that In 'N Out. I've never been a big fast food consumer, but I eat red meat. Eric Schlosser who spent 3 years writing this book still does as well. (audio problems) I don't think the book or the movie is necessarily and indictment of red meat or beef in general. The average burger at a fast food place could be made up of hundreds and sometimes thousands of different cattle. And the concept of how those cattle are fed and where that meat source comes from and the conditions at the packing plant and who works there and all of that stuff is more what the book and the movie are about. It just asks people to think a little bit. It's like a sociology study in this book. I was amazed by it. And I ...

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