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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: David Lynch HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Inland Empire Press Conference"  photo
Inland Empire
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 7, 2006
David Lynch, Laura Dern - Inland Empire

Q1: Have you ever been at a restaurant for a junket?
LD: No, and we intentionally planned it as fans of David, and that which is comfortable and coffee. Both of us are fans of pies.
(David sits down and eyes the banana cream pie.)
DL: Is that banana cream? Oh, I like that!
LD: Isn't this more civilized than a hotel? A visit to Marie Callender's.
(To David) They want the chocolate pie.
DL: And they (the other table) want the banana cream.
(The waiter brings a serving spoon)
LD: Is anyone interested in serving?
(I take the initiative just to get this bloody interview going!)
LD: Thank you so much.
DL: You're solid gold.
LD: That's fantastic. (To David) I'd like for you to have the first piece.
You're the director.
DL: Thank you.
LD: Banana cream anybody? Are we the only ones eating and talking? Ask David everything and I'll eat.
DL: (Looking at the other table) They're all eating the chocolate now.

Q2: When did you start writi...

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