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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sylvester Stallone HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Rocky Balboa"  photo
Rocky Balboa
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 12, 2006
Q1: Why is Rocky such a lasting character for you?
SS: Rocky is a very unusual case in film. I think the country was a little more sedate, at least in the way they released films. I mean, Rocky came out on two screens. So it really took a long time and it was out there for almost a year. So it burned its way into the American consciousness and I became incredibly identified with it, probably inextricably forever. And when I would go against that everything was held up to Rocky. So if the projects I found myself involved with didn't have a certain kind of heart or a certain kind of expectancy the audience wanted to be taken on that kind of a journey again, I think they felt it was a disappointment or letdown. Because right after Rocky was FIST and FIST was a pretty good film, but I don't think it had enough of what people were expecting. Then I went with Paradise Alley, which was a character that was kind of disdainful. I liked the character a lot, but he was the antithesis of Rocky so...

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