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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Edward Norton HollywoodNewsWire.net  "2005 Los Angeles Film Festival "Down in the Valley""  photo
The Painted Veil
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 14, 2006
EDWARD NORTON - The Painted Veil

Q1: What was it about this material that instilled such passion in you that you stuck with it for so long?
EN: [I've been with it for] seven years. I guess, simply put, I think that, like anybody who loves movies, when you watch David Lean films, or a movie like 'Out of Africa,' or something like that, you cannot help, as an actor, but think how fun it must be to have one of those kinds of experiences, and what a challenge it must be to make films with that kind of scope. I don't think many of those films get made, and I think, a lot of times, when they get made, they don't get sent to me. So, when I saw one that I thought had that potential in it, it was very hard to stop ruminating on it. And, on a specific level, I thought, as an actor, it was such complicated [story]. I don't tend to see my life reflected in movies about people who meet when their dogs tangle up. I'm not being specific. I'm just saying I thought that it was the kind of ...

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