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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Guillermo Del Toro HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Pan
Pan's Labyrinth
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 18, 2006
Q1: Alfonso said you were ready to take off your clothes at the end of this?
GDT: I did take off my necktie. Other than that it would have been insulting to the eyes of the audience.

Q2: What did that feel like at Cannes?
GDT: It's great because Alfonso knows me well and it's hard for me to take a compliment, but there is a barrier. Like for example, they ask how you want the film to end at the beginning of the screening. When the film ends turn up the lights so all the ovations or not-ovations occur in the full illuminated theater. And of course someone forgot to turn on the lights in the theater, so for 9 minutes it was darkness. And I thought it would be my luck that the lights would turn on and they would stop because they are just waiting for the lights. It's a nightmare of Catholic guilt and self-deprecation. And the 9 minutes passed and the lights came on and I thought everyone would stop applauding, but there was 5 more minutes of applause and you turn into Sally Field! T...

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