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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: James McAvoy HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Last King of Scotland"  photo
The Last King of Scotland
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 26, 2006
Q1: Your hair is no longer 70's one.
JM: I know, thank God. We experimented to begin with a full-on handlebar mustache and really long hair. I actually have pictures of it and it scared my fiancé half to death I think. She said, Thank God you didn't go that way.

Q2: How much time did you spend in Uganda?
JM: I spent 3 months in Uganda or just under that.

Q3: Had you been to Africa before and what was this like?
JM: I hadn't spent any time in Uganda before. It was incredible. I hadn't spent any time in Africa. It was an incredible experience. I had never been anywhere so different from where I come from. I've been to a lot of places. I've been to some really special places, but I've never been anywhere quite so different and I've never been anywhere so impoverished. Uganda is doing relatively well compared to some places around it, but it's still a world away and I find that very powerful and very affecting. That had nothing to do with the film, but it probably had a big...

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