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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jim Carrey HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Number 23"  photo
The number 23
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 2, 2007

Q1: Before you started this movie you knew about this phenomenon because you named your company JC23, are you thinking of changing that now?

JC: No, never.

Q2: What did you know about it then that you would want to name your company JC23?

JC: Well you see it started out for me, a friend of mine in Canada kind of handed it down to me. He was seeing it everywhere, adding up license plates, doing all these things. He had a book full of 23 phenomenon and he handed it to me, and I said he was crazy and then I started seeing it everywhere. And then one day, a few years later after it had entered my life in a big way and I was driving my friends crazy, somebody handed me a book on the 23rd Psalm, the valley of the shadow of death, living without fear basically, knowing you're taken care of, so I thought that was a great progression from Pit Bull productions, which is kind of like grabbing hold of life and just not letting ...

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