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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Guy Pearce HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Two Brothers"  photo
Factory Girl
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 26, 2007
Guy Pearce - Factory Girl

Q1: Is it important for you to disappear inside a character?
GP: I just feel like you go as far as it feels right to go, you know, I just wonder whether we all have different thresholds and for some people they go, 'Yeah, I'm the character now,' and you think, 'You're so not the character yet.' And consequently you see people kind of play the same role in every film they ever do, and they do that pretty well, some people. I don't know, I just find people, as Andy says in the film, so fascinating, and kind of endless qualities to people, so maybe I'm sort of, I don't know, it sounds wrong, I was going to say maybe I'm a perfectionist or something, but probably no more than anybody else.

Q2: But you not only have the real Andy Warhol, but all the people who've played him in films, how did all of those influences come together, what did you want to do and avoid?
GP: Well, all the research that I did, certainly in my mind superceded my perception of the ot...

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