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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: James McAvoy HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Starter for Ten"  photo
Starter for Ten
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 6, 2007
James McAvoy and Rebecca Hall – Starter for Ten

Q1: You shot this right after Last King of Scotland?
JM: Yes, two days after. We had good makeup artists and very close shaving razor blades. And nice lighting and all of those things. But literally I finished LKOS maybe 4 days before I started this. But I loved this and I knew I was going to do this before I went to Uganda and all the time we were doing this heavy, tense, horrible stuff in Uganda I always knew I would be coming to do this and I felt really good about it. I love this. I'm really passionate about this film. I'm very proud of it.

Q2: And the fact that the characters are so different?
JM: Definitely! One is a middle-class Scotsman who thinks he's cool and the other is a working-class Englishman who knows he isn't.

Q3: Is that what you were looking for?
JM: It's not what I was looking for, it's just what I was offered. And at that point in my career it was still about what I was getting offered. It still i...

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