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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ioan Gruffudd HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Amazing Grace Press Conference"  photo
Amazing Grace
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 20, 2007
Q1: How familiar were you with this character?
IG: I didn't meet any of his family members although I've been in touch with his great-great grandsons, I believe, or even more than that, after he'd seen the movie. I wasn't in connection with him to discuss or research him. I read as much as I could about him. There are many biographies on him. But it was just to flesh out the character because he's known in the UK even though he's not incredibly well-known worldwide. I was slightly ignorant of him personally so I needed to research as much as I could to bring him to life. But a lot of the story was in the script already. It's such a brilliantly written script that it sort of leapt off the page from the very beginning.

Q2: What were you doing when you got this?
IG: I was doing The TV Set, which is coming out in April, it's a movie I did with Jake Kasdan with Sigourney Weaver and David Duchovney. I was shooting that here in LA at the time and I auditioned with Michael Apted and sat ...

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