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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sandra Bullock HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Premonition"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 3, 2007
Sandra Bullock - Premonition

Q1: Have you gotten all your problems with house in Texas solved and all of that?
SB: Oh, my God, that's so long gone. It's been bulldozed and exorcised.

Q2: Did you get a new house?
SB: No new house. We don't need another house. We're good with what we've got.

Q3: After 'Lake House' and now this, do you have an affinity for time travel stories?
SB: No. For me those were two completely different scripts that were really good. One was a love story with parallel times that were different and this was, I think, a beautifully written thriller that actually had bigger meaning and incredible depth, but incredibly complicated which I don't think are made a lot because they're not easy to make. So I was just lucky that I was able to do very different films with different kinds of motifs. Two of them just happened to deal with time.

Q4: Do you think that this is a love story as well?
SB: Oh, absolutely. It's a love story, but I think that Mennan (Ya...

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