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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Mark Wahlberg HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Shooter"  photo
The Shooter
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 4, 2007
Q1: Did people have a hard time accepting your Oscar nod after doing underwear commercials?
MW: Now that I got nominated I can go back and do that again. It took a long time. I was hoping it would have happened a little earlier when I was a little more fit, but no, it was always a little bit of an uphill battle being accepted, but I never really thought about it. I was aware of it, but I didn't really use it as fuel. I just kind of put my blinders on and I knew in order for me to succeed I would have to just do my homework. And with a little bit of luck to be put in a position to work with some really talented people and learn, and that's why I made the choices that I made early on. It was all about trying to work with talented people and learn and basically take a crash course on each film that I was on.

It wasn't until recently when I decided, okay, I've done that, and now I want to kind of venture off into the world and start making movies that I would want to go see and I thin...

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