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Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 31, 2007
Q1: What kind of films and art works were you interested in your childhood? How do you think they are giving you an influence to you?
MH: When I was in a college, I studied oil painting. At that time, I actually enjoyed more live action films than animation films. I really liked Spanish film director Victor Elise, Taiwanese director Edward Yang, and American directors Stanley Kubrick and Woody Allen. I often enjoyed the films from these directors. Especially, among all the Woody Allen's films, I really liked the film "Everyone says I love you". Anyway, when I was in a college studying oil painting, I wanted to be an artist like an oil painter. That's why I liked watching artistic films. These directors that I stated earlier are still my favorite directors, but after I graduated from college and started working as an animator, I got more into the realistic stories than artistic stories.
At the beginning of my career as an animator, I have never thought that I would create animation ...

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