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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Peter Krause HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Civic Duty Press Conference"  photo
Civic Duty
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 27, 2007
Q1: Does this go beyond simple entertainment?
PK: Absolutely. I wanted to do this film because I felt it addressed the psychological and emotional fallout that the American public still has to deal with, but had to deal with immediately following 9/11. Nobody had addressed it. I think the closest anyone came was probably Oliver Stone in World Trade Center where he placed us physically beneath the rubble of the World Trade Center with Nicolas Cage. And I think that film reminded us that we are indeed not trapped under the physical rubble of the buildings, but we remained underneath the psychological rubble. And I think this film takes it a step further. We go to the home of a guy who lost his job, who feels powerless, which is one of the conditions which I think ferments creating a person who will commit a random act of violence, be a terrorist. When you feel that powerless, as Terry Allen says in the movie, I can't control anything. I think those are the psychological conditions for s...

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