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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Mike Myers HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Shrek the Third"  photo
Shrek the Third
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 5, 2007
Mike Myers & Antonio Banderas – Shrek the Third

Q1: Was it easy getting back into the characters?
AB: Kind of, it's almost like a continuation. I think it's very important for these characters, actually, the decisions you take in the beginning of the process. And for me I think it was essential when they showed me the character on a piece of paper and the first thing that I asked was, how tall is he? And what is the physical relationship he has with the other characters? They said, he's just up to the knee of Shrek. So I asked them if the voice you are looking for is a voice like a little cat like this? And they said they think they might like to go in the opposite direction. I believe that in comedy contrast is a very interesting thing. If you have a character that looks like this, but be behaves like that voice, an arrogant conquistador womanizer independent manipulative guy in the body of a pussycat, that is comedy. And so we started playing the character from that in my m...

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