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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Ken Watanabe HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Memoirs Of Geisha"  photo
Memories of Tomorrow
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 23, 2007
Ken Watanabe's Love of the Film
"Memories of Tomorrow" in the U.S.

Ken Watanabe is currently the best known Japanese actor alive in international cinema, so it is rather surprising that he had never played a leading role in feature movies until last year. At last in 2006, Watanabe wore two hats, leading actor and executive producer of "Memories of Tomorrow", and managed to win numerous domestic awards including The Best Leading Actor in Japan Academy Awards for his memorable acting. Although the film is not a mass-oriented entertainment piece, the box office result was xxx yen and is ranked xxx among live-action Japanese films in 2006.

Watanabe plays a successful businessman Masayuki Saeki who suffers from presenile Alzheimer's desease, and together with Kanako Higuchi who plays his wife Emiko, the story depicts the reality, grief, and hope for life of Saeki.

"We all know the name Alzheimer's desease, but its reality is in fact not widely undersood. We did a lot of researc...

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