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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jacob Kogan HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Reception following the Los Angeles Film Festival Centerpiece Screening of
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 26, 2007
Jacob Kogan - Joshua

Q1: If you could kill any member of your family, who would it be?
JK: [jokes] My sister. No. [laughs] I can't. No.

Q2: So you're really peaceful?
JK: Yeah.

Q3: So what was it like playing such a demonic little monster?
JK: Well, it was kind of fun. Because everyone sometimes wants to be the bad guy, get away from what you usually have to do in society, just being normal. And then you get to delve into this kind of world of an evil kid. It's kind of fun being evil.

Q4: How do you get yourself to that place? What did you do on set?
JK: Well, Sam Rockwell is a fantastic method actor, and he taught me a lot. We did these Meisner exercises, like a repetition exercise, and stuff like that. And he really helped. And we also did these run-throughs of the script like two weeks before we started shooting, and those really helped.
And George, and Sam, and Vera all helped me out. And George and I practiced the Joshua poise and everything he did, like his face,...

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