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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Charles Ferguson HollywoodNewsWire.net  "No End In Sight Press Conference"  photo
No End In Sight
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 23, 2007
Charles Ferguson – No End In Sight

Q1: What surprised you most in this project?
CF: Many things, and most of them had to do with the stupidity and in some cases the insanity of what was done. Many of these things not being a matter of whether you were liberal or conservative or Democratic or Republican, just ordinary things, not having enough interpreters, not having enough people who spoke Arabic, not having telephones and e-mail for weeks after the invasion, many things like that, that just, to use the expression, they just blew my mind, that you could think of conducting a war and occupying a country that way. I found it very surprising.

I guess the other thing I found surprising was how many of the most critical decisions were made. They were made with remarkably little consultation and remarkably little information by a small number of people who didn't have any relevant experience.

Q2: Why did this happen?
CF: It was dumb. I don't have a good explanation. Many ...

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