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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jackie Chan HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Rush Hour 3"  photo
Rush Hour 3
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 29, 2007
Jackie Chan – Rush Hour 3

Q1: Why did it take so long for this one?
JC: That's Chris Tucker's fault. (laughs) We finished Rush Hour 2 and after a couple of months I'd see the result everywhere I go. "When is Rush Hour 3 coming out?" So I said, Yeah, let's do Rush Hour 3, then I called Brett and he said, Yeah, let's do it, let me call Chris. I called Chris and he called Chris and Chris said, Yeah, let's do it! Then two years later and I see him in Cannes Film Festival and I asked what happened, and he asked what happened to Brett Ratner? Chris said, Let's do it! I said okay, but I have to make my schedule because I'm fully booked. Then three years later...

Q2: Do you worry about the stunts getting harder as you get older?
JC: No, for me, honestly, you just do it and it doesn't matter. My schedule is fully booked until 2010. If now you want to do Rush Hour 4 you have to book right now. My schedule, right after Rush Hour 3 I am immediately in Forbidden City with Jet Li. We f...

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