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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Josh Hartnett HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Black Dahlia"  photo
Resurrecting the Champ
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jul 30, 2007
Josh Hartnett – Resurrecting the Champ

Q1: When do you go back?
JH: Tomorrow. It's a 14-hour flight to the Philippines and then I'll be in the Philippines for a little bit.

Q2: Your are shooting in the Philippines?
JH: Yeah, just for about a week and then we are shooting in Hong Kong after that. it's a movie called I Come With The Rain. It's a Tran Anh Hung film, and if you haven't seen any of his other movies, if you are into Asian film, it's incredible. His books are Cyclo, Vertical Rays of the Sun, and Centigrade Papaya, and they are all astounding.

It's a French production with an all-Asian cast, pretty much, except me.

Q3: Do you speak English?
JH: It's a natural language. People speak English in Hong Kong. When people speak to each other they speak in Cantonese, but when they speak to me they speak in English.

Q4: When do you crash after being so busy?
JH: I slept for the first time in about a week last night. I think I'm more tired today than I've been...

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