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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Amy Brenneman HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Jane Austen Book Club"  photo
Jane Austen Book Club
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 18, 2007
Amy Brenneman – Jane Austen Book Club

Q1: Isn't the situation in the books kind of like now where you can be ruined for saying the wrong thing?
AB: I think about this too in terms of writing. Like 10 years ago my husband and I first got married and I was working in Rome and I said, There's this thing called e-mail and you can keep in touch. And that whole thing like, I dropped a letter and it was delivered. Really, because it takes like 6 days usually, but now it's like, yeah. And a friend of mine was out there dating and she said, Well so and so texted me, so forget him. And I said, What? She said, No, you call. You don't text. Really? So there is all these different levels and what these different things mean. If you IM somebody and there is the emoticon, like, wow! There is this whole social strata of how it all works.

Q2: Do you think your character gets guidance from the Jane Austen book or from her friends toward the end?
AB: I think it's probably both. When I thou...

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