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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Emile Hirsch HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Into the Wild"  photo
Into the Wild
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 18, 2007
Emile Hirsch - Into the Wild

Q1: You started in the picture weighing nothing because you knew that was the first scene you were going to do. How did that work?
EH: Actually the press notes unfortunately are wrong. We did the extreme part of the weight loss three quarters of the way through the film.

Q2: Did you take the Christian Bale route? How did you lose that?
EH: Well what I'll say about weight loss is that it's really about diet and exercise and a lot of paying attention to your body. Unfortunately, it is as simple as diet and exercise. For me, at least, there's no secret other than the depressing one of diet and exercise.

Q3: Where did you take inspiration for your character from?
EH: I took inspiration for my character from what I learned about the real Chris McCandless, from talking to his sister Carine who speaks about him with such love and passion. That to me was the biggest part of just the sheer feeling that I got from her about Chris and also talking to Wal...

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