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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sean Penn HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Into the Wild"  photo
Into the Wild
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 18, 2007
Sean Penn and Eddie Vedder

Q1: You've made three movies about men trying to escape their past. Is that a conscious thing you like exploring? What attracts you to it?
SP: I could probably give you a long-winded answer that would have some truth to it but I would say the basic nature of it is not very analytical in terms of something I looked at various things at various times. It's probably first and foremost being a man trying to come to terms with himself and his past.

Q2: Can you discuss the significance of the Sharon Olds poem that sparked the narration and incorporated it into the production?
SP: I'd read that poem some years before. It really stuck with me and got me into reading her stuff entirely. She's a great writer. That one just struck me for some reason because I'm in a lucky with a boy and his parents.
I'm in a supportive, loving family in that way. But I'm going to give it
92.6 percent of my friends throughout growing and today didn't have. It seemed so acute...

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