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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jerry Stiller HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Heartbreak Kid"  photo
The Heartbreak Kid
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Sep 28, 2007
Jerry Stiller - The Heartbreak Kid

Q1: How many times have you worked with your son?
JS: Well, it's something that someday we'll tell the truth about what it was really like. Right now we say what the public wants to hear, oh, it was such a wonderful thing. People like to hear happy stories about kids and their fathers. What was beautiful about working with Ben on this film was it brought us closer because there was so much we got to know each other as actors, as performers. Stuff that maybe patched up a lot of things that didn't happen when we were growing up together, me being dad and him being son, and being a performer myself, my wife and I working, and we have a daughter, Amy, and both those kids didn't see us enough sometimes, or know us enough because we were so busy working. And every kid, even to this day, I always think of my own parents, that I never knew my own father, I never knew my own mother. Why? Why are we all so angry at our parents who are never there for us? We...

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