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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Wang Leehom HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Lust, Caution"  photo
Lust, Caution
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 2, 2007
Lee-Hom Wang - Lust, Caution

Q1: You can speak English and you can speak Japanese as well?
LHW: Uh... sukoshi dake.

Q2: You were in Japanese movies?
LHW: Yes, right. Mahiru no Hoshizora and Moon Child.

Q3: And this is a movie in which you had to speak the Chinese language?
LHW: My first.

Q4: Was it in Mandarin? Or Shanghai?
LHW: There's Mandarin and Cantonese.

Q5: Was it hard for you to speak in Mandarin and Cantonese?
LHW: No, it wasn't hard. Mandarin is my second language so I'm very fluent. But the difficult part was to get the accent. It's a southern Chinese accent, so Ang was very particular about what he wanted for my character, especially because he's a rather rousing, very loquacious guy – so he needs to deliver with a certain eloquence.

Q6: How did you become part of the project? Did you audition?
LHW: Yeah, auditioned. I've known Ang for years though, from Crouching Tiger, so it's about 7 years now. He's always been supportive of my musi...

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