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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Neil Gaiman HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Beowulf"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Nov 4, 2007
Roger Avary & Neil Gaiman - Beowulf

Q1: So your journey is about 10 years on this film? Is that right?
NG: 10-1/2 years. May 1997 we went off to Mexico and we wrote a Beowulf script in two mad weeks filled with beer and pool playing and mostly writing with desks covered with Beowulf translations of every possible kind.
RA: This was before the Seamus Heaney translation.
NG: This is true. And then we came back and our agent at CAA immediately... The first person he sent it to was Jack Rapke who'd just gone off with Image Movers. Jack read it, loved it, showed it to Bob Zemeckis. We didn't know that Beowulf was a standing joke in Hollywood. We didn't know that it was a punch line to 'What have you brought us? Beowulf?' And so Jack who did know this had to phone up Bob and say, 'This is not a joke, but I have an amazing script for Beowulf.' Bob then read it and he loved it. They were going to produce it with Roger directing as a fairly low budget film. It got green lighted and then t...

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