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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jason Bateman HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Juno"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Dec 3, 2007
Jason Bateman - Juno

Q1: I think that's actually Diablo's [Cody] water.
JB: Oh, really? Ok. Boil this hand later then. No. Everybody is actually very clean on this.

Q2: What hidden talents do you have that you wished you'd developed because your guy really wishes that he would've stuck with his rock band thing? Is there something that you wish you would've done?
JB: I actually wish that I would've learned how to play drums. I like drums. I'm not a guitar guy. [Jason] Reitman and [Daniel] Dubiecki are, and they were really 'Fing annoying about demanding that I learn how to play the guitar for this one eighth of a page in this fucking movie. I mean, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, we've got a tutor that's going to come over and teach you how to play guitar.' I said, 'Okay, awesome.' So the guy came over and I have a Maltese in my family and I guess Malta, they were fishnet pullers there in Malta. So I've got real fat fishnet pulling fingers so that the netting doesn't cut in and cut your fi...

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