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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Francis Ford Coppola HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Youth Without Youth"  photo
Youth Without Youth
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 12, 2007
Francis Ford Coppola – Youth Without Youth

Q1: What about this material made you want to return to directing after such a hiatus?
FFC: I don't think it's such a hiatus because most directors make a film and then three years later they do a project, they can't get the money, they do another project. It also depends on the director's need to earn money. You'll find that they wait three years or so. Of course I was older so I wanted to sort of rediscover my place in movies. I didn't want to be, what can I call it, a studio director. You know how they do it. They have four scripts being written and the best one they take and do and then they produce the others and they are always looking for the project that can pay them a lot of money and have the big stars. They might be my age, but they want to make big movies and be number one and stuff like that. I didn't particularly feel that so much. I wanted to make more personal films. I want to make the kinds of films that I wished I c...

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