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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Tim Roth HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Youth Without Youth"  photo
Youth Without Youth
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 12, 2007
Tim Roth – Youth Without Youth

Q1: Can you talk about how you got cast? When did you meet Francis [Ford Coppola] and how did this come about fir you guys?
TR: He left me a message on my cell phone. The usual process is to go through an agent, and he bypassed that. I didn't realize, I thought it was someone playing a joke, and I didn't know. Finally we connected, actually he came out to meet with me in Siena. We talked for a few hours. I finished up what I was doing there and came back here to California. We just stayed in touch really. I know that he was talking to other actors and there was a whole process. I think we just stayed in touch, discussed rewrites, and played around with ideas.

Q2: Were you familiar with the story?
TR: No, only in that he sent me the script when I was in Italy. It was his first draft, the very first one.

Q3: What was it about the script that you liked?
TR: I thought it was impossible, it would be very, very difficult ...

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