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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Guy Ritchie HollywoodNewsWire.net  ""RocknRolla" 2008 Comin-Con International"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Oct 24, 2007
Guy Ritchie - Revolver

Q: How are you?
GR: I'm all right, I think.
Q: No jet lag or anything?
GR: No, no, I've been here a week or so, so I'm not jet lagged.
Q: You came here for out fires, huh?
GR: It was very nice, you see. I flew up in the Bay (area). I was down in Mexico, and I flew up in the bay, and you come in and you can't see anything for a very long way. I'm surprised that you can even see the sunshine from down here, because from up there you can't see anything.

GR: So I hope you're not too perplexed by this film.
Q: No, not really. It's easy to understand.
GR: Oh, it is. Good. I'm pleased. You're the first person that said that, because this is a slightly different cut than the one that we released about two years ago or whatever it was because they just found it too complicated, or so we thought. I expected some people to understand what the theme of the film was going to be about, and there wasn't many that did. So we thought, 'Well, what we'll do is...

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