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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sarah Michelle Gellar HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Air I Breathe"  photo
The Air That I breath
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jan 15, 2008
Sarah Michelle Gellar – The Air That I breath

Q1: What attracted you to this?
SMG: I think initially it was the script. I read it and it was just, it sort of read like poetry to me. It was so different than anything I ever read. Just the idea of, as an actor your job is to service the story, but this one, sort of all the emotions were laid out, and you just were actually physically a part of bringing the story together and just the idea of portraying a literal emotion and realizing, when you step back and you think about it, you realize it's true. Until you know real sorrow you can't appreciate true happiness and true pleasure and it's those deep, dark moments of sorrow that help you understand, or it's the happiness and pleasure-filled moments that get you through the deep and sorrowful ones.

And then I met with Jieho. And you are always, first-time director, you have to think about that, and this man is Harvard educated, he's Julliard educated. You have this really anal...

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