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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Colin Farrell HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Alexander"  photo
In Bruges
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Feb 2, 2008
Colin Farrell – In Bruges

Q1: Was the rapport easy and how much was ad-libbed?
CF: None of it was ad-libbed. Brendan was so easy to get along with, really he's just such a lovely man and such a wonderful artist. He's a fiddle player, guitarist, writer and a fine actor. He was just really generous from day one. There was absolutely no ego on this at all. Most of the other jobs I've worked on there hasn't been either, but we are all there for the same reason. I loved the script. I read it the first time and it was just like nothing I'd ever read and then when I got the chance to do it we packed off and went to Bruges. I'd met him outside of this before I'd read the script, really briefly, and he was just warm and lovely, and then we had 3 weeks of intense rehearsal, and I thought we were going to run out of steam. But the script was so good it just kept revealing. The most questions we'd asked, we asked one question and came to what seemed like a conclusion and then we had 10 m...

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