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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Dennis Hopper HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Opening Of August Wilson"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 7, 2008
Dennis Hopper – Sleepwalking

Charlize Theron & AnnaSophia Robb and Nick Stahl interviews available upon request.

Q1: Why was your character so angry?
DH: It was written, for one thing. And the second thing is he has a really tough life out there. I didn't see him as an evil man. I saw him as a person who was probably disciplined strongly as a child and give a work ethic whether right or wrong, and that's the way he treated people. And I think things probably changed tremendously when his wife died. I think when you are suddenly left with two children, she died an untimely death, and having a headstrong young woman he didn't know how to deal with and was working that farm. That place, if you look at that farm, boy, working that farm alone is not a joy. I was raised on a wheat farm in Dodge City, Kansas. Our farms were in Garden City, but I was raised in a similar situation and I was whipped when I was a kid when I screwed up, I wasn't spanked. That's just the way it was. ...

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