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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Joshua Jackson HollywoodNewsWire.net  "SiCKO"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Mar 7, 2008
Joshua Jackson – Shutter

Rachael Taylor interview available upon request.

Q1: Do you speak Japanese?
JJ: No, but I had to learn "Hajimete omeni kakarimasuga watashi-ha Joshua desu. Bokuno Jane desu." That's a very formal way of introducing me and my wife, Jane. One of the hardest words was konnichiwa because we just say konnichiwa, which is not right. It's konnichiwa, with a double N in the middle. It's little things like that that trip you up.

Q2: What did you learn about photography?
JJ: The process of developing film I'm pretty comfortable with given that I've worked in film for 20 years now. So obviously doing it at one frame per second and 24 frames per second is a little different, but working in film and light is my job. The particulars of putting in film and all the technical stuff was just a couple days work. It's more having the time to be on set with fashion photographers and seeing, that's obviously not the world I come from, you can tell, but just seein...

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