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Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 9, 2008
John Cho – Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

Kal Penn, Neil Patrick Harris, Hayden Schlossberg(wr) and Jon Hurwitz(wr/dir) interviews available upon request.

Q1: Are you sad your buddy isn't here?
JC: I am sad. Apparently, he is employed working on his stinking show.

Q2: How was the reunion?
JC: Yeah, it was real easy. As far as that relationship, we fell right back into it. It was something I was worried about with the first one because we didn't know each other, but this time around, no problem. We just slipped right back into it.

Q3: Do you keep in regular touch?
JC: He is all over the country. We e-mail, but it's hard to see him because he is over teaching at Penn. Then he's in LA for a couple days and then he goes back. He's very selfish with his time.

Q4: What do you do together?
JC: We'll get together occasionally and get a meal. Get a beer. And naked raquetball.

Q5: Any concerns about what direction they would take the sequel?
JC: I sort ...

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