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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Jackie Chan HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Forbidden Kingdom junket"  photo
The Forbidden Kingdom
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 11, 2008
Jackie Chan – The Forbidden Kingdom

Collin Chou, Yifei Liu, Casey Silver(pr), John Fusco(wr) and Rob Minkoff(dir) interviews available upon request.

(takes a photo of all the recorders)

Q1: I know you can be very critical of your own work. So are you pleased with the way this has turned out? Is it as you imagined it?
JC: I don't know. Every time I make American film I just trust American director and American writer. Myself, I would never make this kind of film. For me, those kind of films are ridiculous. They don't make sense. But, turning to...(Laughs.) Ha, ha, ha. But the American way, for American Audience is more interested in this kind of movie.

Q2: I'm surprised, because it feels like you with the drunken fist scene and stuff. Which part did you think didn't make sense?
JC: No, the whole thing. (Laughs.) Why drunken master? Monkey king? All kind of things, but at the end, it's the children, there is a young boy in New York who loves, just like the writer,...

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