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Speed Racer
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 18, 2008
Emile Hirsch – Speed Racer

Q1: Was yesterday the first time you saw it?
EH: The second, the second. I actually saw it the day before for the first time.

Q2: Your reaction?
EH: I mean, I love the movie. I think what the Wachowskis did was just so amazing. You see a movie like The Matrix, you're like, "God, what are they going to do next?" Then they do something like this. It's just so new and different and fun.

Q3: So no actual driving school?
EH: No, no, I actually didn't even get into a car the whole time I was in Europe. No, I got into a car, I just was never behind the wheel, because I didn't want to pretend that I was in one of the real cars because the real cars are just so much better than a normal car.

Q4: What's the fastest you've ever gone in real life?
EH: Like 60. No, I'm a very, very conservative driver.

Q5: Are you a car guy?
EH: I am, I am. I love cars but me and my friend, when I got this part, we looked up on Youtube and we looked up "car acc...

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