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Speed Racer
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 18, 2008
Christina Ricci - Speed Racer

Q: Beautiful dress.
CH: Thanks. It's Yves Saint Laurent. My shoes are [?].

Q1: How did you like Trixie's fashion sense?
CH: I enjoyed it immensely. A lot of pink. Pink and red which is kind of awesome. I liked her clips and her makeup. It was really fun. It's fun to play someone who's a little bit cartoonish. They dressed me up like a doll, but then they let me go and fight people and race cars and fly a helicopter so it was fun.

Q2: You've played a character that was a comic strip creation with 'The Addams Family'. Did you have to think twice on this or were you really eager to work with the Wachowski's?
CH: No, I didn't think twice. That didn't even occur to me. That was so long ago. I was like ten years old. So, no. I was just really excited. I wanted to work with the Wachowski's and I've been hearing about 'Speed Racer' for the past ten years and people have said for a really long time that I should play Trixie and that I look like Trixie...

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