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Speed Racer
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 18, 2008
Matthew Fox - Speed Racer

Q1: Have you ever been a car head?
MF: Yeah, very much. I have since I was-- I think being a race-car driver might have been one of the first of like a hundred different things I wanted to be when I was five or six. So I've always been into cars, and still am. Kind of a hobby of mine is taking really cool 1950s designs and turning them into modern hot rods. I don't do the work myself personally but sort of conceptualize it and have a lot of input into the details and then somebody else does it. I really enjoy that stuff.

Q2: Can you talk about the first time that you saw the pre-vis for what the film was going to look like?
MF: Yeah. It was when we got to Berlin. Larry and Andy did sort of a presentation. We walked into a room. It was just four walls covered with artist renderings and actually digital stuff taken out of the beginnings of their digitally building the world, the world that Speed Racer takes place in, and the places that the story takes p...

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