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Speed Racer
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 18, 2008
Joel Silver – Speed Racer

Q1: So how are you doing Joel? Were you happy with everyone's reactions [at the screening] last night?
JS: It seems to be great, it's a very interesting little picture. I love it, I'm proud of it, I hope people go see it.

Q2: Tell me something, wasn't there talk first that it was going to be G rated and then it went PG?
JS: No, these things have a life of their own but no, it was intended to be a PG movie from the beginning.
Q: Never PG-13
JS: No, from the very beginning we had these deals with these big companies and it was predicated on being a PG movie.

Q3: Is that unusual territory for you?
JS: Yes, of course. I mean, for all of us, I mean I always had a desire to make a picture with all that stuff, I walked into a Toys R Us a few days ago and the entire store was just incredibly full of Speed Racer material, it was like Lion King, or a Disney movie and I've never had that before. And this morning my son had a cereal box that says Spe...

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