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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Lee Pace HollywoodNewsWire.net  "The Fall Press Conference"  photo
The Fall
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 18, 2008
Lee Pace – The Fall

Tarsem Singh(writer/director) interview available upon request.

Q1: How did you get this project?
LP: It was really complicated to set this meeting up with Tarsem because I was shooting a TV show up in Toronto called Wonderfalls that lasted for two minutes, and then I was rehearsing a play in New York at the time so I was going back and forth literally every other day. My agents were like, this guy Tarsem really wants to sit down with you about this movie. It wasn't really a script we'd be shooting from, but they sent me his commercial reel and they sent me a movie, Ponnette, the French movie. And I said, I can fit a meeting in at 8 oclock on a Saturday morning, but if you know Tarsem 8 on a Saturday morning doesn't exist in normal life. And I came down and he kind of pitched the whole movie to me and showed me some pictures and talked about how he wanted to work with the little girl and mentioned I would be in a wheel chair for two months, and it sou...

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