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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Claude Lelouch HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Roman de gare"  photo
Roman de gare
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Apr 14, 2008
Claude Lelouch – Roman de gare

Q1: Is it fun to have audiences expecting things and then twist it on them?
CL: I try as much as possible to do a film that looks like the life I'm lucky enough to be able to observe. We live in a world of appearances and we live in a world of lies. We all try to sell the other a different image than the one we have. We really try very hard to appear to be more intelligent, more beautiful, more generous than we really are. A 10 dollar bill doesn't try to become a 20 dollar bill, but we try. We all try to make it appear that we are worth much more. So I realize the world of lies is the world we are living in. In this film everybody is lying, but it is for good intentions. At the end of the day lies have more virtue than truth. There is more creativity in it. It forces us to encourage, and you have to ask yourself, how would the people with less luck in life do with having some lies? Truth is a luxury because you have to be beautiful and intellige...

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