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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Cynthia Nixon HollywoodNewsWire.net  "Did You Hear About the Morgans?"  photo
Sex and the City: The Movie
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 3, 2008
Cynthia Nixon – SATC Movie

Q1: Should a man admit a one-time affair to his wife?
CN: I don't know. In the case of Steve and Miranda, I feel like if he hadn't told her and she'd found out she'd have been even madder than she was. How she would have found out? Talking in his sleep, maybe?

Q2: What are your favorite pair of shoes, and why?
CN: I have a pair of black Manolo Blahniks with an open toe, and I just think they look elegant and I can wear them with anything, and they are so broken in that they are very comfortable. They are not stilettos, but a fairly skinny heel, and plain black.

Q3: How much fashion lingo did you learn on the show?
CN: None, not a lot. A little rubs off, but not a lot. From where I started, even if I come up a bit it's a big improvement.

Q4: Does this feel like another round of goodbyes?
CN: I guess so, but it's like you are saying goodbye people you thought you were never going to see again, so the main thing was that we all got to come...

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