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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Sergei Bodrov HollywoodNewsWire.net  "MONGOL"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
May 30, 2008
Sergei Bodrov – Mongol

Q1: Wasn't this a very difficult picture to make?
SB: Yeah, it was a very difficult picture to make, and also it was a challenge for me to make this movie because I am a Russian film director, and Russia, Genghis Khan, or they say also in Mongolian, Gengis Kahn, he's a most unpopular man, of course, because Russia lived for 250 years under Mongolian rule, and we are still blaming Mongols for all of our problems. It happened 800 years ago. It was interesting for me. I read about him in my school books, and he was portrayed as a monster and a really bad guy. But when I became older I became suspicious that he wasn't born as a monster. After that I started looking for different sources and books, and I found this amazing story about his childhood. He was an orphan and he was a slave and he escaped and he met his future wife when he was many years old, and he came to here when he was 25. It's not like an amazing story, it's a very human story. But for me it...

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