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INTERVIEWS/REVIEWS: Andrew Stanton HollywoodNewsWire.net  "WALL.E"  photo
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 20, 2008
Andrew Stanton - Wall-E

Q1: How come you didn't wear a Hawaiian shirt?
AS: That's John's thing. [Laughs]

Q2: So were you looking at your trash compactor one day and just said "Oh that would be a cute robot in a movie?"
AS: No. Actually there was this lunch we had during "Toy Story" around '94 and we were batting around just any idea we could think of to try and come up with what the next movie would be. One of the sort of half brained sentences was "Hey, we could do a sci-fi. What if we did the last robot on Earth? Everybody's left and this machine just doesn't know it can stop and it keeps doing it forever." And that's really where it started. All the details weren't there. There wasn't even a name of the character. We didn't even know what it would look like. It was just the loniest scenario I'd ever heard and I just loved it. And I think that's why it sort of stayed in the ether for so long.

Q3: There was another animation movie about robots but they were more humanoid a...

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