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Kit Kittredge : An American Girl
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 13, 2008
Chris O'Donnell – Kit Kittredge an American Girl

Q1: So Chris you are a dad of five...
COD: Yeah.

Q2: Was that one of the reasons that you wanted to do this movie?
COD: Absolutely, absolutely. I...

Q3: Your daughter wanted you to do it?
COD: My daughter Lilly is you know, I've been seeing American Girl dolls forever so my nieces were all into it and I was living in Chicago when the first store came out and so I've been to the store, I've done the whole thing, and having done two Batman films, and The Three Musketeers, my boys are very satisfied with films. Yeah, so when I got signed I said god I really hope this is a good script, because I'd like to do this, and it was a great script and they put together a great cast and it worked out well.

Q4: How old is the age range of your kids right now?
COD: Eight, seven, five, two and six months.

Q5: Your daughter you did for of course is in the middle right?
COD: No she's eight. Eight and six months.


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