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Kit Kittredge : An American Girl
Interview by: Izumi Hasegawa
Jun 13, 2008
Julia Ormond – Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

Q1. What's the principle behind your work with Film Aid and how does that work exactly?
JO: The principle behind it is using film for humanitarian purposes, with messages that are either life saving, as in HIV, AIDS awareness, women's rights, children's rights, we take film to refugee camps.

Q2. What kinds of films do you take?
JO: All sorts of things, the programs have predominately been in Africa, and so a lot of the library of film that they use is actually Africa. Cause there's a lot of film that's created, it's much better if the messaging comes from the community that you're speaking to, but for instance we also, we had a wonderful comment from a refugee who said thank you so much for showing us this amazing film about this amazing man Nelson Mandela, because we used to sit up all night discussing how we can rearm and how we could get home and get back involved in conflict and now we sit up all night talking about peac...

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